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LED Strip Light-Frequently Asked Questions-1

China A.L Lighting Limited certification
China A.L Lighting Limited certification
A.L is a reliable supplier of LED lighting products. I have known here and buy from the factory since 2010.

—— Ivan Ramirez---Mexico

I really like to work with A.L team,they are very professional and energetic,their good quality products and professional service support me so much.

—— Adriana Guadalupe--Spain

Dear John,I just got the goods,they are amazing.Thank you for always surprise me by the stable quality control,and professional product design.

—— Anthony Aglio---USA

I must thanks a lot for A.L Lighting team, without their great support, we can't win the gym project.

—— William B---UK

Thank you guys,even though my order not so big,but you still so patient to help me,and thank you Sarah,for always considering so much for me.

—— Ignacio Luna

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LED Strip Light-Frequently Asked Questions-1
Latest company news about LED Strip Light-Frequently Asked Questions-1


LED Strip Light-Frequently Asked Questions



What is LM-80?
The LM-80 is one such standard. LM-80 refers to a method for measuring the lumen depreciation of solid-state lighting sources,
such as LED packages, modules and arrays. LM-80 was created by members of IES including Philips Lumileds.
What is TM21?

The TM-21 standard picks up where LM-80 left off. Since LED sources are capable of lifetimes well beyond 6,000 hours, TM-21

establishes a standard way to use LM-80 data to make consistent lifetime projections beyond the testing period. TM-21 dictates

which values can be used in the calculation based on the sample size, number of hours and intervals tested, and test suite temperature.



What is L90B10@10,000hours?

L defines the percentage of lumen comparing with the initial lumens, B value means the failure data at the L data. So LB value

indicate the real lifetime at a certain hours.


How small bin can we supply?

1 Bin will be the smallest we can source, but normally there will be 2-3 bins used inside the products if there is no specified.



How small mac adam ellipse can we supply?

The minimum we are doing inside the company was 2.5 steps, standard price in the pricelist was around 4-5 steps, economic

type will be at 6 steps.



How small color temperature ranges can we supply?


CCT 2700K 3000K 4000K 5000K 6000K
Minimum Ranges 2650-2750K 2925-3075K 4000-4200K 5000-5300K 6000-6300K
Typical Ranges 2600-2800K 2800-3200K 4000-4500K 5000-5500K 6000-6500K



PCB Color


Now we mostly do the strips with white PCB.If you need other colors ,we can also make the PCB color with yellow and black.
Waterproof grade
We can do different waterproof ways for the LED strips for variable use:
IP20: Non-waterproof;
IP54 PU: PU glue on the surface.
IP54 SI: Silicone glue on the surface.
IP54 SP: Spray Silicone Glue on the surface.
IP65 ST: Silicone tube on both sides.
IP65 HT: Heat Shrink tube on both sides.
IP65 Nano: Nano Coating on the surface.
IP67 HI: Hollow Integrated Silicone glue.
IP68 SI: Solid Integrated Silicone glue.

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What is the difference between PU and silicone glue?

A) Cold and high temperature resistance PU(polyurethane) has a good low temperature resistance, but not resistant to

     high temperature;while silicone glue with good heat resistance and good low temperature resistance.

B) UV resistance In the presence of UV light, an organic material(Polyurethane) will eventually revert to it's natural state,

     thus changing properties and deteriorating over time, an inorganic(silicone) will not.
C) Yellow degeneration The PU glue has a little yellow degeneration as time goes, while silicone glue has no yellow degeneration.

D) Lifespan,Chemically, the organic material(polyurethane) will bread down when expose to high temperature or UV,

     so the lifetime is shorter than silicone glue.



How is heat shrink pipe works in led strips?


Working condition at -55 to 125 degree, 3 minutes shrinking at 200 degree according to UL224 standard. Color at Transparent with options at Black,Red, Blue, Yellow at customization. Heat shrink Pipe was made of PET, Anti-Electric below 600V, Anti-Fire Ratio at VW-1.



What is CCT shifting and how to control it?

All of the color temperature will be shift by any cover in front of the LEDs,different Glue will have different influence on the whole temperature of LED strips, the shifting curve can be referred by detailed.



What is the max width of the PCB for heat shrink pipe?

When using heat shrink pipe on the led strips, the max width is 13.5mm.For 15mm or above, the pipe make the led strips out of shape.

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